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Why I Became a Photographer
January 19, 2020 Mauséy

Why I Became a Photographer

Posted in Art Photography, Babies & Newborns, Bridal Photography

I picked up a camera when I was 12 years old and I have never looked back.   I love photography with a passion.   It has taken me all over the world and has allowed me to meet some amazing celebrities, athletes, and good people in general.  With all those perks, why am I a photographer?

A few years back it hit me, it has nothing to do with the perks, money or notoriety.  In fact, it has a lot to do with the art   I can’t draw, I can’t play an instrument, or make a sculpture, but I CAN take a great picture.   I get to crawl on the ground, in the mud and dirt in nice cloths to get a great picture.   I get to go to heights that I am scared of to get that one shot that no one else can.    But that isn’t why I do it.

I love sports photography.   In Springfield Missouri I was a photographer for a minor league club called the Texas Louisiana baseball league.  I was able to sit in the dugout and take pictures of the game which meant the world to me.   I even had a few of the photos autographed.    I must admit getting the San Diego chickens autograph was a highlight of that job.  My next sports job was working on the Kansas Chiefs field.   Yes, I was able to attend two games a year on the field and take photos, and you want to have an awesome adventure, that is the most amazing thing ever.  The crowd, the game, the memories, but alas that isn’t why I do it.

As a wedding and family photographer, I have been all over the world.   I have done weddings and families in Italy while stationed there.   I have had the great pleasure of taking pictures of some European basketball players and their families.   I get to be a part of the best moments in someone’s life.  From the birth of their child, the day they get married, and even the end of someone’s life.   Although the end is not the best it can be very fulfilling.  I took family photos for a family whose dad was diagnosed with bran cancer.   That one really touched me.  I love knowing that my work is going to live on forever in people’s family.    But that isn’t why I do it.

I’ve taken pictures of celebrities, musicians that I can’t even remember, but none of that matters.   The truth is, the reason I take pictures is because I get to show the WORLD how BEAUTIFUL it is through my eyes and that is the most amazing privilege I can think of.   Find your passion and make the world notice.