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Where To Shoot Your Family Photos
January 4, 2020 Mauséy

Where To Shoot Your Family Photos

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Family photos are one of my favorite pictures to take.   My families always ask me where we should take them.   Luckily for me, there is a nice waterfall right in the middle of a town near me that a lot of people don’t know about.   I love going there.   But before we go there, I always ask a few questions like, what represents your family?   Are you outdoor, or indoor people?   Do you like the country? Do you like the big city, or small towns?   Do you want a studio shoot or a location shoot?   Just a few items you need to think about yourself before you hire a pro or do it yourself.

Watch the background in the pictures.   Is a tree coming out of their head, or a telephone pole?   Watch for people in the background?   If there are people, let them go by, ask them to move or move yourself.   Sometimes I let my clients stay were they are and I shoot around them so the people disappear.   In one of my favorite photos, I call it the Sound of Music, the bride was at a golf course.  I laid on the ground until I couldn’t see the parking lot.   You would never know if didn’t tell you.

Watch for the never-ending hands.   People tend to put their arms around the back of their loved ones. In the photos, the hands look like they don’t end.   Where did it come from?   Ask them to put their hands in the small of the persons back.   Looks good and still gets the same results.

Most important, dress for the picture.   I recommend three changes, one really nice one, one casual and one of their choice.   Let them have fun.  If you have someone who dresses weird, let them dress weird.   Remember, how one dresses can make the mood of the shoot.

Lastly, let them have fun.   I recommend doing some funny non posed pictures.   Enjoy the moment.   If you can get them to laugh do it.   Those are the ones to make everyone happy.   One of the ways I try to make it happen is by barking at my subject.   Do you know how many smiles I have gotten from that?   I also do voices, Scooby Doo is my favorite.   Anything I can do to make their smiles bigger.

If you don’t hire a professional photography for your family photos or if you do, take your time and find the right place.   Think about what you want out of the photographs.   Look up local locations.   One thing about good photos, you would be surprised how little room you need to take a great photo.