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The Perfect Photo Spot in the Big City
October 23, 2020 Mauséy

The Perfect Photo Spot in the Big City

Posted in Bridal Photography, Engagement Photography, Event Photography, Kids & Children Photography

So what is the perfect spot in the big city?  I grew up in the country where there were so many places that were secluded. These places were perfect for family and clients to be photographed and not be disturbed.

Now that I live in the big city, there seem to be a lack of private settings to take pictures at.    Oh, you can find places to take great pictures, but the lack of privacy is a little daunting.    But I have the perfect place about three miles from the studio.  It has waterfalls, bridges, plenty of space and is in the middle of a subdivision.  The biggest issue with this place, everyone knows about it.   When the blue bonnets bloom, you cannot find a spot to shoot.  If you read my blogs, you know about this spot and the attached picture.   You can get a good shot but, you can’t just take pictures in the moment because people are all around.   Even with all of the traffic this area gets, it really is one of my favorite spots.

So how do you find that perfect spot that no one knows about?   Because of Covid-19, I have been riding my bike more and exploring.  I found some trails that I knew existed but had never checked out while also discovering some more hidden trails. More wonderful spots for great pictures!

My advice on how to find the perfect spot for photographs, go bike riding or hiking and get off trail.   I lived by a trail for 15 years, I had no idea it was there. There are bridges, flood gates, cliffs; everything that would be fun for a beautiful photo shoot.  If you want to have a private outdoor phot shoot; you have to go off road.

One last thing though, do be careful, you never know what you will find.   I learned that lesson this summer.   We had an unexpected visitor at our last shoot.  I discovered her baby by accidentally stepping on his head while we were walking out of the woods.  We gave her plenty of room and left her alone.  I didn’t get bit, but I now look at the ground more when I hike in the woods.

There are so many beautiful places outdoor pictures can be taken.  Just get outdoors and have a good time.