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30 Things You Should Put in Your Emergency Wedding Kit
November 9, 2018 Mauséy

30 Things You Should Put in Your Emergency Wedding Kit

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As a veteran photographer of over 20 plus years in the wedding industry, I have seen one thing in common with every wedding I have ever done, something small usually goes wrong.   I always bring a wedding emergency kit for such an occasion.   This is a good idea if you are the bride, maid of honor, groom, or any part of the wedding party.

What You Need

First things first, you will need a bag to put the supplies in.  I recommend a small handbag that is big enough to fit all the items.   The following is a list of what items need to go into the emergency bag:

      • Tylenol, Aspirin, Midol:   Just in case someone gets a headache.
      • Candy:  For bad breath, a child that needs calmed down or just to have something to chew on.
      • Bobby pins:  These are a must, hair can get out of place, a tag can be showing on someone’s gown.
      • Tide Pen:  This is in case someone gets a stain on their cloths.
      • Small roll of duct tape:  This is in case something needs a helping hand. Cords need to be taped, pants will not stay up, etc.
      • Extra buttons that are pins:  They make buttons that are pins so if someone loses a button you do not have to sew them.
      • Pen:  You just never know, sometimes people forget them for your guest register.
      • Notebook:  You may need a phone number, take a note to send to the bride or groom, etc.
      • Sharpie:  I have used them to have bridesmaids sign the bottoms of the bride’s shoes, or a card, etc.
      • Rubbing alcohol:  This allows you to clean up items if necessary.
      • Deodorant:  You know why.
      • Powder:  Just in case.
      • Mouthwash:  Some people may not like the candy.
      • Lighter:  This is very important as it can be used to burn off excess strings on clothes.
      • String:  Ties anything up.
      • Q-tips:  This is important as you can use it to help with the rubbing alcohol.
      • Double sided tape:  For life’s small emergencies.
      • Safety pins:  You never know what might need to be pinned on your dress or his tux.
      • Feminine products:  Just in case.
      • Hairspray:  Just in case.
      • Wet wipes:  For those sudden spills.
      • Anything small of importance for the bride or groom, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste:  Allow you to feel fresh.
      • Small Razor:  For those that last shave.
      • Small comb and brush:  For that last hair that’s out of place.
      • Single serve crackers:  In case hunger strikes.
      • Sample bottles of alcohol:  Just in case.
      • Straight pin:  You never know if you will need them for the boutonnieres.
      • Band-Aids:  These are useful for things other than getting cut, shoes rubbing your feet, as tape, etc.
      • White ribbon:  You never know what may need help on the bride on her big day

These are just a few items, but there is a whole lot more that can be added.  Fortunately, there are sample sizes that most of these items come in you can get at any store.  The other great thing about this, you can take them home, put them in a basket in your guest bathroom and you have a welcome basket for all your guest to use.

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