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Don’t Forget to Display Your Photos
May 10, 2023 Mauséy

Displaying Your Photos

The perfect photo shows up on your cell phone or on your camera, what next?   You need to do two things, print the photos and display the photos.   Good news, you can print your own photo’s, the better news, several places out there will help you printing good quality photos.   Even picking out ways to display your photos has become easier than ever.   Bad news, there are way too many places so you have to be careful.

We have changed my studio so many times, I can’t keep track.    Now that we finally have the studio the way I have always envisioned it.   I have my top photos printed poster size, next I have my gallery of photos printed in 8×8 style and lastly, I have my about me photos, photos of me with rock stars, photos of some work that means a lot to me, basically if you want to know about David Mausey, look at my studio wall.

You Have the Photos, Now What

An eclectic look when displaying photos, to me is essential, especially my personal photos.    I like to look at my photos and say to myself, what memories will these photos produce.   Try going to Amazon and just searching for any type of display.   If you have several photos you would like to display, look photo displays that have maps.

What I mean to say it is a layout of how the photos should be displayed all you have to do it put the map on the wall and it will tell you where to put the nails.   You may also have the idea of what you want already, that is even easier, just start putting up the photos and see what it takes you.

What is The Point of This Blog

The point of this blog is to get your mind in gear to showing off your life and your photos.   I love being surrounded by not only what photos I have professionally taken but by the photos of my friends and family.   Life is short, memories are all we have.   Live life to the fullest and enjoy the time you have on earth.   I know I do every day.    Keep taking photos.