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How To Make Your Wedding Photos More Memorable
February 23, 2019 Mauséy

How To Make Your Wedding Photos More Memorable

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Wedding Memories

When I first started out as a wedding photographer, I was always intrigued by what my brides and grooms did to make their wedding more memorable.  Several of my brides would take the best photograph and frame it while putting the rest in a photo album.   The album would be taken out every now and again but never really looked at constantly.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to take as many photos as I can that the bride and groom can choose to go up on the wall instead of into the album.  To do that, I always like to talk to my brides and grooms to find out what they are looking for in their photography.  What do they like to do in their off time?   Where did they meet?  What are their hobbies?   What will they be doing before the wedding and after.   If I can, I incorporate these ideas into their wedding photos.


One of my favorite photos I was able to capture was of the groomsmen playing golf.   I found out they were going to the local club before the wedding, so I had them bring out their clubs and take a picture with that.   In another photo I had a bride and groom pose in their dads’ car that he built from scratch.   I know their parents had a blast withBeach Wedding Myrtle Beach Mausey Studios that photo and still have it up in their house.

Studio work at Mausey Studios. Photos do not have to be that elaborate either.   One of my bride’s best friend could not be there for the wedding, so we took a photo she had of the friend and made sure we took several photos with that photo after the wedding ceremony was complete.   Some brides will even put photos of loved ones on their bouquet.

So how can you make your wedding photos more memorable?   Incorporate your hobby into the photos.   Have a picture of a loved one that cannot be at the wedding to make sure they are there in some form.  Take pictures at a place that means something to both of you before the wedding.   I did pictures at a B&B where a couple had their first romantic getaway at.   Take funny pictures, take romantic pictures, even experiment.

Remember you of are in charge your wedding day.  Your photographer is there to just capture the moment.