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How to Use Your Cell Phone as Your Primary Camera
May 15, 2023 Mauséy

How to Use Your Cell Phone as Your Primary Camera

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How to Use Your Cell Phone as Your Primary Camera

With the technology of today, camera sales are almost nonexistent for regular cameras. Everyone is using their smart phones. We take more photos these days than ever. It is an average of 22 photos per day per person. One thing that I have noticed about this trend is, people do not know how to take a good cell phone photo. Well, it is time for that to end. We will be exploring how to do this with todays blog.

Taking The Picture

The cell phone has made making memories easier than ever. You do not need a fancy background or a fancy setting to make fancy photos.

1) Get close to your subjects.
2) Look at your background before you take the photos.
3) Take one shot, not 500.
4) Watch your lighting
5) So many selfies, so little time.

Get Close

This advice goes to professional photographers as well as cell phone photographers. Don’t be scared to get close to your subject. I was asked to take a picture for a friend and her newborn baby with her cell phone. It was at a friend’s house with a fence in the background. I knew she didn’t want a picture of the fence.

So I used her cell phone got within a foot of her face and snapped the photo. Cell phones are mainly wide-angle lenses so I was able to do that. Also, you can use the function with your fingers to bring it close but even with a professional camera, the more you do that from a distance the grainier the photo can be from a distance. Get close, your friends will thank you in the end.

Look at your background

You found the perfect shot, it is going great, you have it printed or put on your computer screen and then you notice, there is something obnoxious in the back ground. It could be a telephone pole going through someone’s head, a person being mean in the background, or even a photo bomber. I have had several of them. Just make sure you watch what is back there.

Take one shot not 500

Explain this one, you have a perfect shot, but let me get one more, let me get one more, let me get one more. You understand what I am saying. You are beautiful take the shot and go. Anyone can get a shot with 500 pics, can you get a shot with one pic. Stop taking hundreds of pics for your one shot. Its an amazing thing to perfect.

Watch Your Lighting

There is nothing worse than taking a pic that is a moment pic and the lighting is off, so watch it. If it is dark use your flash. If it is dark and your flash does not work use another friend’s flashlight. Or be careful of sunlight. If it too much light put the person in the shade. Shade fixes everything.


Ok the selfie craze. I get it you look good in your new outfit. You want to remember it or you want to send it to your significant other. That is great but you are amazing just the way you are. instead of sending the pic to your person, show them in person. Take one good shot and stop. You do not edit the pics for an hour to make you look like a China Doll.

I love the new cell phone craze to a point. Make your memories in your mind and not on your cell phone. Enjoy life to its fullest and remember the world is one big photograph, so make memories the right way and enjoy life.