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Choosing a Wedding Photographer
April 3, 2019 Mauséy

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer can be easy, if you are prepared.    While at a wedding expo listening to photographer’s sales pitches and it was an eye-opening experience.  It led me to consider my own photography and how I handle clients.   With this, I decided it was time I shared my years of knowledge with potential couples.

What’s more, does your potential photographer have pictures in his/her portfolio that show your style?   What does that mean?   Do you like funny, classic, traditional, illustrative, high fashion?

Look at your photographer’s portfolio pictures closely.   What they have on their website should be their best.   Do you see a tag that should not be there?   Do they have blemishes on the dress, grass in the train?   If they are showing their best work, these kinds of they should not be showing them off in their portfolio.


Another thing to keep in mind is your photography budget.  If your budget is $1,500 and they try to talk you intoA great bride enjoying her beach wedding. Mausey Studios. more, walk away.   When buying a car, do you go in there and get the undercoating if it does not fit in your budget?  Treat your wedding the same way.

Equally important, ask the photography company if you can meet with the photographer that will be taking your pictures.   I have seen several companies use other photographers to take wedding pictures other than the one you are meeting with. I want to meet who is going to take my pictures, not someone else.

Finally and most importantly, do you get along with your photographer?   It does not matter how good a photographer they are.  If you do not have a good rapport with them, you will not have a good experience.  I have personally seen it.

I hope this helps you when choosing your wedding photographer and look forward to working with you on your photography in the future.

Check out our wedding pictures.   I look forward to shooting with you on your big day.