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Steps for Planning the Perfect Wedding
March 23, 2019 Mauséy

Steps for Planning the Perfect Wedding

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Planning Your Wedding

Kansas City Wedding Mausey Studios. So, you have found that perfect person to marry, now what?  Weddings are tough to plan.   Questions you should ask from day one?

What is a realistic budget?   Wedding budgets can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to in the thousands. Be realistic on your personal budget because I guarantee you, you will spend more money than you thought. I recommend going online and finding a wedding budget spreadsheet or make your own.

Do I need a wedding planner?  I can’t tell you this one, you have to decide for yourself.   If you’re not familiar with weddings and how they run, I would at least look into it.   I have run a few weddings in my time as a photographer and let me tell you, they are very helpful on making things run on time and smoothly.

Where will we get married?    You may live in Dallas but your parents live in Paris France?   Do we do one wedding here and one in Paris?   Will you be getting married in a church, on a ranch, in the woods, at a friend’s house, these are all great ideas.

Great Photographer is Key

Do I need/know a good photographer? For me, this is the most important questions you can ask yourself.  Not just for the simple fact that you will be looking at these photos for the rest of your life but for the simple fact that good photographers are hard to come by and having Uncle Fred use his professional camera doesn’t mean you will get good photos.   I recommend looking at websites, looking for recommendations, most importantly finding someone who has your style of photography you want to share with your family for generations to come.

Do I need a makeup artist?   Make Up artist are something else that makes a wedding go easy.   They make the bride feel beautiful during her special day.   Make her beauty shine like nothing else and they also put everyone in a great mood for the big day.    They can settle down the kids that are in the wedding as well as build up the bridesmaids and bride before the big event.

Flowers are a huge deal at a wedding.  Do you know the reason brides carry flowers during the wedding?   The answer may surprise you.   In the old days flowers because people use to smell of body order and the flowers covered the smell.   True story, I promise.   Now they are just decoration and fun to throw.     I recommend going to a good florist and getting fresh flowers, make sure they are fresh.


Who is going to marry you?   Do you have a priest, pastor, rabbi, justice of the peace?   Someone you trust is always the best bet.  At Mausey Photography, we can perform your ceremony if need be.

Food, how much, what kind, etc?    You will want to feed your guest.   I recommend making your photographer a part of your wedding group so they can eat fast and get back to taking pictures.   I like to take my bride and groom around to each table to get a picture with each table during the wedding.   This allows everyone to participate in the wedding and to get a good picture with the bride and groom. How many people will realistically be there?   What kind of food, does anyone have allergies?

The honeymoon is a whole different subject.

I know this is a small blog that could be much bigger but I hope it helps out a bit.   We look forward to helping you with your photographer needs in the near future.    Congrats on your up and coming wedding and I hope it is nothing but the first of great memories to come.