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The Black and White Wedding Photos
July 21, 2019 Mauséy

The Black and White Wedding Photos

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Black and White Weddings

Fort Worth Wedding Black White and Red Mausey StudiosI love the black and white wedding photo.   But what I really love is the black and white wedding photo with a touch of color.   Such as a rose bouquet, boutonniere or leave something with color in the picture.   This adds to the mystery of the wedding, adds beauty to it, and doesn’t cost you anything.

Why the black and white photo and some touch of color?   For me it leads me back to the old school of photography and of life   When times were simpler.   When you could get a coke for a nickel, a car for $1200 or a gallon of gas for a dime. It also is beautiful and enchanting.

Black and white photos also turn the wedding day into a kind of fairy tale. The knight in shinning armor saving the princess.   Or the Princess saving the knight in shining armor.    The hero saving the damsel in distress.   Just something nostalgic about it.

You can also do so much with black and white to make it stand out. Put the bride in a tower, take a photo next to an old automobile, dress up as your favorite characters, etc.   I recently did a photo by and old truck and had it colored sepia.   Reminded me of the old west days.

Multi-Color Photos

Tevia Keener Wedding Dress Mausey StudiosAm I suggesting that you have your wedding taken only in black and white, absolutely not?   What I am suggesting is you take a few of the prettiest photos and you turn them black and white.   Your photographer should love this idea, I always give my bride and groom about 25-50 of their photos in black and white, I also give them the colorized version as well. Most photographers absolutely love this idea.

I hope your wedding day is the best day ever and you truly do have a fairy tale wedding.   Just remember, you only get married once, make it a great day and a memorable one.

One of the reasons why I love shooting with Nikon is I can change the color photo to black and white in the camera itself which allows me to show my bride what the photos will look like.

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