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Black and White Photographs
September 16, 2020 Mauséy

Black and White Photographs

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The Beauty Of Black and White

I know we have talked about it before in the black and white wedding blog, but what about photos in general? What makes someone chose a black and white photo over the same photo in color?  There are severalWeddings at Columbia Missouri. reasons for this with the most obvious being just your preference.

When I take photos for clients, I like to add a few black and white photos here and there for my clients.   Sometimes I like to even include black and white with a touch of color.   I do this for two reasons; my clients seem to enjoy it and it makes my photography stand out.


I have a few theories about why we like black and white photos, but my main one is the nostalgia of it.   I love seeing the reactions I get from clients about their black and white photos.   Especially when it reminds them of their grandmother or their grandfather.   Doesn’t “Jean” look like grandma in that photo?  Or seeing someone’s eyes light up when they realize that black and white photo isn’t their baby picture but their new grandson’s baby picture. Everyone loves going down memory lane especially when it makes them relive a good memory.

Forth Worth Texas Wedding Mausey StudiosBlack and white photos are also artistic and can give off the feeling of a piece of art.  Take a picture of something as simple as your hands, then turn it black and white.  The wrinkles pop out a bit more and the freckles really seem to come out of the page.  It almost feels like a drawing or time travel.

Sometimes black and white photos fit the time.   Take a picture of a 1955 Chevy Belle Air.  Yeah, it’s nice in color, it looks beautiful in fact.   Now turn it black and white.   It brings you back to another time, to another period, to a life that was less complicated than it is right now.

I don’t care who you are, your age, your upbringing, or whatever the circumstances.   Go outside and take a picture.   Turn it black and white, see what it does to your mind.   What places will you go today?   I couldn’t image my studio without some good old black and white photos hanging on the wall.   They kind of just make me smile and we can all stand to smile right now.

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