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November 25, 2021 Mauséy

Travel Wedding

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The best day of your life

Being a photographer who has shot all over the world, it always amazes me of what I get to do and who I get to meet.    This year has been no exception, within a month I traveled from Cancun, to Florida and then Nevada.   It was jumping from plane to plane and editing every chance I got.   The most important part of the travel were two weddings, one in Las Vegas, Nevada and the other was in Fort Myers, Florida.     Two very different places with two very different challenges.

Las Vegas

Camel Safari Las Vegas NVThe first wedding was in Las Vegas on a camel safari.  https://camelsafari.com/.    Now, if you haven’t worked with camels, you are in for a treat.    The great thing the safari is they have so many great animals.    From porcupines, dingoes, Zeedonk (Zebra Donkey) and of course camels, this is an amazing place.     Located about 1.5 hours from Las Vegas it is a place in the middle of nowhere.   So worth the trip though.   We started out separating the bride and groom to get ready

Camel Safari Las Vegas NVThe men went into a Nomad hut and the pictures we were able to capture are something I will never get to take pictures of again.    A small space but it made the lighting that much better.     The girls had a traditional place to get ready and they were happy about that.    Once we were ready, we went to do the brides pictures with the camels.    The safari has a camel who is a celebrity.    He has been in commercials and the Bachelorette TV show.  Camels make the wedding.   We did the first look with a camel in the background.    Camels and a Zeedonk were present during the wedding.    Just an amazing day for an amazing bride.

Fort Meyers

Fort Meyers Florida WeddingMy next wedding was a few weeks later in Fort Myers Florida.    Fort Meyers is a very humid place.     The wedding was over an hour away from Fort Myers in a swamp.    It was such an amazing place and location.   We got there at the beginning of the day and I am so glad we got there very early.   The number of trees we had to choose from was amazing.   Old oaks with swamp moss on them.

Fort Meyers Florida WeddingGrooms are always easy to take pictures of.   One thing I do with a wedding I will always find out what the did the day before the wedding.   This groom was going fishing.   He didn’t make it but we used his fishing pole in the pictures and it was perfect.     The bride did something I never expected, no first look for the groom but a first look for the father of the bride and a first look for the bridesmaids.   It was an emotional day and a fun wedding.

Overall, I loved both weddings.   Destination weddings make me happy.   I wouldn’t be the photographer I am without them.    Just remember when you choose a photographer, you don’t have to go with a local photographer.    Sometimes it is worth it to bring in someone who has your taste in pictures no matter where they live.

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