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Why I Became a Photographer
January 19, 2020 Mauséy

Why I Became a Photographer

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Garth Brooks at High School graduation. Mausey Studios

Becoming a Photographer

When I first picked up a camera, I was 12 years old, and it instantly became my passion.   It has taken me all over the world and has allowed me to meet some amazing celebrities, athletes, and good people in general.  Many would assume with all of these incentives; this is why I am a photographer.  A few years back it hit me, it has nothing to do with the perks, money or notoriety but instead is all about the art of the photo.

I can’t draw, play an instrument, or make a sculpture, but I CAN take a great picture.   I get to crawl on the ground, in the mud and dirt in nice clothes to get a great picture.   I get to go to terrifying heights to get that one shot that no one else can.    But that is not why I do it. I do it for the experiences and memories.

Kids Sports Mausey Studios

True Love of Photography

I love sports photography, in Springfield Missouri I was a photographer for a minor league club called the Texas Louisiana baseball league.  During this time, I was able to sit in the dugout and take pictures of the game which meant the world to me.

When you can get a few of the photos autographed; including the San Diego Chicken’s autograph which became a highlight of that job.  My next sports photography position was working with the Kansas Chiefs taking pictures on the field.   Being able to take these types of photographs led to some amazing adventures.  But, alas, that isn’t why I take photographs.


As a wedding and family photographer, I have been all over the world.   Doing weddings and families in Italy while stationed there.   I have had the great pleasure of taking pictures of some European basketball players and their families.   I get to be a part of the best moments in someone’s life; from the birth of their child, the day they get married, and even the end of someone’s life.   Knowing that my work is going to live on forever in my client’s family.    But that is not why I do it.  Most recently I was able to shoot a wedding at a Camel Safari, it was amazing.

Recently I picked up real estate photography.   I never thought I would be excited about that, but helping someone sell their home and find another one has become a great adventure.    It isn’t easy as I first thought it would be.   It is the first time in my photography career that I have had to learn how to use a tri-pod.    I get to see some of the most beautiful homes on the planet, that is not what I do it.

I take photographs because I get to show the WORLD how BEAUTIFUL it is through my eyes and that is the most amazing privilege I can think of.   Find your passion and make the world notice.

When I look at my photography now, I know I am in the right place as a photographer.  Check out more of our pictures in our photo gallery.