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Trash The Dress
April 30, 2019 Mauséy

Trash The Dress

Posted in Engagement Photography, Underwater Photography, Wedding Photography

What to do with that dress after the wedding?   There is a new trend after the wedding is over to  trash the dress. So, if you decide to do this, how do you want it done.   After all, some of these dresses are worth a lot of money.

You can farm with it and I mean really farm.   Clean out a pig stall, ride a horse through the mud, lay a fence line, so many things.   You can also rip it up and go as a zombie couple for Halloween.   Speaking of Halloween, what about the couple from Beetlejuice.   Use it for target practice if that is your game.   Some people choose to donate it to charity so someone else can get use out of it.  Figure out one of your husbands’ hobbies, hire a photographer and have fun with it   Go out to the golf course, play a game of golf.   If your husband likes to fix cars, become a grease monkey.   If your husband likes to make things, you can use it to cover a chair, use it in a craft project, or dust rag.   The subjects are up to you.

Personally, I love the underwater photography.   For years now I have been doing underwater photography and my favorite one is when I have a client with a wedding dress, she doesn’t mind getting wet.   In fact, one of my clients had a wedding dress with some BBQ stains on it.   Well the BBQ stain came out after we shot for an hour.   She was even happier after the shoot was done.   The good news about the shoot is it doesn’t ruin the dress.   You can save the dress and have a fun shoot.

Whatever you decided to do with your dress after the wedding is up to you.   Have fun with it is my recommendation, enjoy the moment and I wish you the best in your lives together.   If you ever decide to trash the dress, especially underwater, give us a call and we have the perfect place and way for your dress to be trashed.